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1 up card reviews!! Real reviews from real people November 30 2017

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Retrogaming blogger reviews

Online reviews can be found by these awesome retrogaming blogging folks. Be sure to subscribe to their blogs and YouTube channels!

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Customer Reviews

"Product as described, works well / great in saving time cleaning NES, SNES, and N64 carts. Don't waste time with Q-tips that leave fuzz behind, this product is the ONLY way to go if you're not going to take the time to take the cart apart and hand polish with brass polish. Thanks!"

"You guys are awesome! I found you through Google search when I bought the 1up card and it worked miracles. Sending everyone I know your way. Thanks!" -Justice

"I bought millipede off of someone and the game would not work. It was very grainy and had lots of pixels missing. I was sad because I really wanted to play the game. I bought this stuff and it immediately worked. I am so happy. This stuff saved my game! Totally recommend it!" -James

"Works perfect for snes games." -Dominic

"This product literally saved three seemingly-non-working SNES games from the scrap heap. It takes a total of ten seconds to clean and dry each game and, most importantly, it works!!!" -Chaz

"I received my 1UP card today.  I must say I am VERY impressed! What a great product! As a retro gamer one of the most difficult things to judge is whether a newly purchased game is clean enough to go into my console. Your product is perfect for cleaning any game cart (except Gameboy). As someone who constantly opens carts to repair them this is a nice alternative. It is perfect for buffing up the contacts of clean games that I haven't played in a while. I will definitely be recommending this to all of my retro gaming friends! I have 2 suggestions. The first would be to make a product that allows someone to clean Gameboy games.  Secondly, A product that can clean the contacts of the console would be amazing! Thanks again!" -Clayton

"I got my cleaning cards a few days ago and used one to clean up a famicom cartridge i got off ebay...OMG thank you for making an cartridge cleaner that actually works" -Daniel

"Hey guys! So to all you retro games out there trying to revive your old cartridges, this is a great place to start!

"The design is super straight forward, and makes it easy to understand how to clean the connectors without damaging them. The sizing is great, and the whole thing also it looks cool too! I totally recommend this product!" -Derrick

"It worked well for N64 games. You can either use it to clean the contacts while the came is intact or you can take the case off the game and use the product to provide a better clean of the game contacts. It would be nice to have an item to clean the consol contacts as well. But this item is very good and exceeded my expectations It is way better than qtips." -Andrew

"Does a real nice job and gets all the dust, dirt, and grime off of old games. This product works very well and after cleaning my Super Mario Bros. game. I not only saw brighter picture, but the sound became much clearer. I just wish I could find this at stores. A game store wanted me to pay 20+ dollars just for them to clean 2 games." –Hunter

"Excellent product. I've used it to clean Neo Geo MVS cartridges and Genesis cartridges. Should work great on NES and SNES carts also. Contact pins are clean as new." -Tyson

"Good product that's easy to use. Used it on an old used Nintendo game that I couldn't get to work at all. After applying the game worked flawlessly." -Tabitha

"Cleans a lot better than q tips highly recommend it." -Erik

"Product works great and is easy to use." -Sean

"I dusted out my nes and nes games out of my closet and used this 1up cleaning kit. Everything works like it used too." -Edward

[photo: stopxwhispering]

"I purchased this because I recently set up my retro station. I noticed some of the contacts on the game cartridges were dirty after a few years of sitting in a closet, so I purchased this 1-up card to clean them up. It's insanely easy to use. It comes with a solution of 99% alcohol that you drip onto the 'wet side' of the card and the thickness of the pad ensures that it is always pressed firmly to the contacts. Once you scrub the contacts, you just flip it around and dry them off with the other side of the card. It takes all of 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat for each game and you have yourself a perfectly clean game. Your alternative is using a q-tip and that's no fun." -Derek

"Works well on my nes games :)" -Kamen

"Used a q-tip for years and always had to pick the fuzz off of the contacts, this fixes that issue. Card cleans well and leaves nothing behind, works exactly as advertised!" -Adam

"I received my Game Cleaning Kit recently and I love it. The picture size is a little confusing, but it's size makes it easy to clean the game cartridges. I have already cleaned a few Nintendo 64 and NES game cartridges, and now they work great. The wet and dry sides makes it really convenient for me to clean the game cartridges then dry them. Love the nostalgia of being able to play my old games again." -Ry

 "SUPER FAST SHIPPING! GREAT RETRO GAME CLEANER! THANKS! Every retro game owner should have this. THANKS :-D" -Ryan

"Works great. A must have especially if you replace your NES 72 pin connector." -Chris

"Great item!! best product i have used for cleaning my games!!!!" -Jason

"Cleaning video games is a breeze with this kit. No need to repeat the process to ensure the pins have been cleaned." -TiredOfCodes

[photo: stopxwhispering]

A detailed and helpful review from a satisfied 1UPcard customer:

1) How did you come across the 1UPcard?

"I think I'm remembering correctly: I first learned of the 1UPcard through Instagram. They posted an image with a very positive caption about cleaning hundreds of video games with the card. I'd just picked up 300 NES cartridges from my childhood home and every time I'd clean any of them I would start to feel guilty about how many cotton swabs I was burning through, so I decided this could be a good alternative.

2) Did you get what you were expecting?

Absolutely! I had been using cotton swabs and contact cleaner to clean my old games before. Compared to that, the 1UPcard was equally effective while being a lot easier to use, with less waste and without needing to use chemicals with worryingly long warning labels.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the 1UPcard! I will definitely be picking up more as I work my way through my old games, and have already recommended it to friends who have rediscovered old systems and tried to start restoring them.

Thank you so much!

-Bruce V.

"Glad someone out there is making new cleaning kits. Now if only everyone knew that the old 72 pin connectors are superior to aftermarket pins... and that the so-called "Blinking Red Light of Death" should really be called "The Blinking Read Light of Give Me A Quick Cleaning." There is just no need for aftermarket pins if you know how to clean and maintain your console. And the new pins are terrible anyway, you practically have to take the games out with pliers with those pins installed.

After I clean my system with this I like to clean the 1 Up Card with a q-tip and a bit of water. It takes all the crud off of the card so you aren't putting it back in the system when cleaning it again." - Dev



1UPcard Receives Stamp of Approval from Metal Jesus October 05 2015

There are several retro gaming YouTube channels that I subscribe to and one of my favorites has always been MetalJesusRocks.  He has around 200k subscribers so, of course, I wanted to get his thoughts on my retro video game cartridge cleaner, the 1UPcard.  Now I'm singing the praises to the MetalJesus because he was so kind to review my product on one of his "Recent Game Pickups" videos!  

He talks about 1UPcards at minute 14:22. I did my best to quote his words below if you aren't able to watch the video.


"Also, this is pretty neat here, I got sent by the guy who creates these. For cleaning cartridges whether it's Atari, NES, Super Nintendo or Genesis. It's called the 1UPcard and basically what this is it's a fairly stiff card that has these two pads on it for cleaning your cartridges.  And it also includes the fluid.  Now a lot of people use Qtips - I use Qtips - but sometimes, well, you have tighten them a little bit or they start to shred.  It doesn't work that great so I was actually pretty interested in this and it works very well.  So I wanted to point this out.  I like sharing things that I think are good for collectors, that are of high quality and this is definitely one of them.  I highly recommend it.  If you are a collector, and you do a lot of cleaning, you might want to check it out." -MetalJesusRocks

Thanks MetalJesus for the time and care you invest in your videos and reviews.  You are one of the good ones, sir.

See more customer reviews here. Give your Game an Extra Life with 1UPcard!