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NES Console Cleaner Now Available February 29 2016

NES Console Cleaner by 1UPcard

Don't use a cleaning kit made 30 years ago to clean your NES. Get the all new 1UPcard NES console cleaning kit! And as always, free shipping.

NES Console Cleaner by 1UPcard

A clean console is just as important as clean games. If your 72 Pin Connector inside your Nintendo Entertainment System is dirty, fuzzy, hairy, grimy or corroded, putting a clean game into it is a bad idea. 

Insert the NES Console Cleaner into the console a number of times when your little red light gets to blinking. 

This Nintendo console cleaner is brand new. 

  • Cleans and polishes the connectors on your Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Orange tab makes removal from console easy
  • Don't use old and worn products to clean your games and system.
  • Game on with the 1UPcard NES cleaning kit
  • This is a newly manufactured console cleaner for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Clean your 72 pin connector quickly and easily for the NES.
  • Product question? Check our FAQ's.

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NES console cleaner