Best places online to listen to Nintendo and Super Nintendo Video Game Music (VGM) December 15 2015

For several years I have tuned into to listen to original 8bit and 16bit Nintendo tunes. 

SNESGUIDE 16-bit radio

It is a really helpful website that also gives a quick synopsis of each game for NES and SNES as well as a footage from each game.

nesguide and have ample reviews for Nintendo as well as super Nintendo games respectively.

Click on the "now playing" button and you can choose to hear music from just NES, just SNES, or mixed. (I really wish I could also add SEGA music to the mix.)

WiiGuy's 8BitStereo

Another place I love to listen to Nintendo game music is on YouTube. I highly reccommend you check out WiiGuy's 8BitStereo. His name is Niko and here is his channel. Make sure you subscribe! 

wiiguys8bitstereo video game music 1upcard

In fact, Niko was kind enough to review the 1UPcard on his channel! You can see what he has to say here.


Listening to video game music has introduced me to a ton of new video game music and led me to buy new games to try. I have also discovered that there are some horrible games with awesome soundtracks...

Of course any games I get from Amazon, eBay, or anywhere get a treatment with the 1UPcard. You don't know where that game has been! For the simplest way to clean retro games, use the 1UPcard.