Qtips and 1upcard Comparison May 05 2016

What's better for cleaning game contacts for cartridge games? Cotton swabs or the 1Upcard?
qtip bundle next to 1upcard


qtip next to 1upcard
The 1UPcard provides considerably more surface area contact than cotton swabs, resulting in a quicker clean. The durable cleaning pad also retains more alcohol. No more dipping qtips repeatedly.


qtip on top of 1upcard
Cotton swabs are prone to leaving fuzz on your game contacts. If you don't pick it all out, you've introduced stray fibers into your pin connector.


which one would you rather use 1upcard or qtip
Which one would you rather use?


If you love using cottons swabs to clean games, the 1UPcard is not for you. Would you rather be playing your games than cleaning them?  The 1UPcard is your quickest route back to perfect pixels.