1UPcard Receives Stamp of Approval from Metal Jesus October 05 2015

There are several retro gaming YouTube channels that I subscribe to and one of my favorites has always been MetalJesusRocks.  He has around 200k subscribers so, of course, I wanted to get his thoughts on my retro video game cartridge cleaner, the 1UPcard.  Now I'm singing the praises to the MetalJesus because he was so kind to review my product on one of his "Recent Game Pickups" videos!  

He talks about 1UPcards at minute 14:22. I did my best to quote his words below if you aren't able to watch the video.


"Also, this is pretty neat here, I got sent by the guy who creates these. For cleaning cartridges whether it's Atari, NES, Super Nintendo or Genesis. It's called the 1UPcard and basically what this is it's a fairly stiff card that has these two pads on it for cleaning your cartridges.  And it also includes the fluid.  Now a lot of people use Qtips - I use Qtips - but sometimes, well, you have tighten them a little bit or they start to shred.  It doesn't work that great so I was actually pretty interested in this and it works very well.  So I wanted to point this out.  I like sharing things that I think are good for collectors, that are of high quality and this is definitely one of them.  I highly recommend it.  If you are a collector, and you do a lot of cleaning, you might want to check it out." -MetalJesusRocks

Thanks MetalJesus for the time and care you invest in your videos and reviews.  You are one of the good ones, sir.

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