Sustain Your Game March 12 2015

As an avid retrogamer, I tend to baby my games, especially my longtime favorites.  This practice of cleaning my games with the 1UPcard will give my games extended life.  I want to sustain my games so that I can see my son, Felix's eyes light up when he beats Bowser for the first time.  Pay no attention to that iPad, boy, this here's a real game! (See our post about the best games for little kids)

Before playing I use my 1UPcard and 1UPcard fluid to clean off any corrosion on the game cartridges.  I have found this is the quickest way to commence gaming - no blinking light, no trips to the medicine closet for Qtips, and no garbage.  With the 1UPcard it's just a few swipes and done!  The 1UPcard works for NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari, N64 and more!