Earthworm Jim & Ecco the Dolphin October 08 2014

Just received these two games from two different e-Bay sellers. Can't wait to make time to play! It's probably been more than a decade...

I never owned these games as a kid, but played them at my friends' houses. I'm hoping that Ecco will be a good game for my one-and-a-half year old daughter to play. It's peaceful, beautiful, and I think she'll like it as she figures out how to control Ecco. See other great titles for kids here.

I wonder if Dolphins eat worms... Probably not worms with Plasma Blasters.

I'll give each of the cartridges a wipe with the 1UPcard before I use them with my Genesis (the original one I've had since my childhood). Even if they are in working condition, it's still a wise choice to clean them first. There's no sense introducing somebody else's dust and dirt into my console.

Earthworm Jim

PLASMA!! Didn't Earthworm Jim say that all the time? Can't wait to relive the memories tonight.