Four ways to clean your game cartridges August 24 2014

The 1UPcard is a new product for old games. It makes cleaning your game cartridges easier than ever before. Follow these tips to keep from getting a "game over".

1. Clean your game contacts.

Obviously the most important function of the 1UPcard. Simply moisten one pad of 1UPcard with 1UP Fluid and rub against game contacts. Gently flex card to maximize contact. Dry with other pad. Allow contacts to dry briefly before inserting cartridge. Game on.

2. Remove permanent marker.

Your last name isn't Thompson, Johnson or Jacobs? Use the 1UPcard to remove permanent marker from your games. Presto.

3. Remove price stickers.

You may want future generations to know you snagged a copy of Contra for $4.95 at a garage sale. But in case you don't, moisten the price tag with 1UPcard fluid and use the 1UPcard to scrape it off.

4. Clean the game cartridge shell.

Remember when kids were drinking Surge soda when you were in middle school? They probably left traces of it on your games. Use your 1UPcard to scrub away years of junk food funk. 

What other uses have you found for the 1UPcard? We want to hear from you!