1UPcard™ Cleaning Kit Compatible with SEGA - Bundle - (save 15%)

There's nothing like classic gaming on original equipment.

Save your breath; blowing into game cartridges was fine when we were eight, but now there's a better way: the 1UPcard SEGA Reviver Bundle.

This newly manufactured kit contains the SEGA Console Cleaner, three 1UPcards, and cleaning fluid to quickly bring your game cartridges back to life.  (And the cleaning cards are compatible with many other consoles' games too.)

Don't let 30 years of grime, spit and dirt stand between you and your SEGA. Game on with the SEGA Reviver Bundle.

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Not convinced? Check the reviews

1UPcard SEGA Console Cleaner Info

A clean console is just as important as clean games. If your Pin Connector located inside your SEGA is dirty, fuzzy, hairy, grimy or corroded, don't put a clean game in it. 

Insert the 1UPcard console cleaner into the console a number of times when your games aren't working. Uses all new parts.

  • Cleans and polishes the connectors on your SEGA
  • Compatible with Retro-Bit®, Retron, etc.
  • Don't use old and worn products to clean your games and system.
  • Game on with the 1UPcard SEGA cleaning kit
  • This is a newly manufactured console cleaner for the SEGA. Clean your pin connector quickly and easily for the SEGA.
  • Product question? Check the FAQ's.

1UPcard Game Cartridge Cleaner Info

Original kit includes three 1UPcards and 1UP cleaning fluid.

  • Restores games for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, N64, Atari and more.
  • Durable cleaning card restores games quickly and easily.
  • Easy to dispense, 99% isopropyl alcohol, 1oz
  • Super simple. Super fast.
  • Assembled in the USA from domestic and foreign components.

Not convinced? Check the reviews

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