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Easy cleaning for retro games and consoles.

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It's this easy.

1UPcard Retro Video Game Cartridge Cleaning kit cleaner infographic

Would you rather be playing your games than cleaning them?

Get back to doing what you love, and don't worry if the game will work or not the next time you put it in your game system. Use the product designed to do one thing: give your game an extra life. The 1UP card is the video game cartridge cleaner for gamers who like making things easy.

Which games does the 1 Up Card work for?

The 1UPcard is specifically designed  to clean retro video game cartridges including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari, N64, and more. The 1UPcard cleaning kit also removes permanent marker, stickers, and grime from your game or console. See this page for a detailed review on cleaning various cartridges. 

Ready to be done with Qtips?


The 1UPcard is specially designed to provide maximum contact with your game contacts. Do you like the idea of dirty Qtips sitting around and fuzz getting wedged into your game console? Me neither. (Read about the problem with Q-tips here.)

How many games can be cleaned with one card?

Depends on how dirty the games are. The fluid pad actually draws the dirt and corrosion into the pad, so even when it starts looking used, it still effectively cleans and polishes the contacts. Its not uncommon to clean 50+ games with one card. You can also rinse the pad out with soap and water when it becomes visibly dirty. Additionally, when batch cleaning, you should be able to clean at least 10 cartridges before having to re-moisten the fluid pad. The kit provides more than 150 applications of cleaning fluid. See customer reviews here.

Fake Reviews:

"You're gonna love the 1UPcard. Unlike the Powerglove and that Nintendo movie I was in." -Fred Savage

"Boomshakalaka!" -NBA Jam announcer

"If it weren't for the 1UPcard, the next generation of gamers would think I'm a guy." -Samus from Metroid

Real Reviews:

"Excellent product. I've used it to clean Neo Geo MVS cartridges and Genesis cartridges. Contact pins are clean as new." -Tyson

"It's insanely easy to use and takes all of 30 seconds. Your alternative is using a q-tip and that's no fun." -Derek

"Great product! Helped me get my old games back into action." -Erik

 "I highly recommend it.  If you are a collector, and you do a lot of cleaning, you might want to check it out." -Metal Jesus (see the full video review on Metal Jesus' Youtube channel)

Read LOADS of more reviews here.

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The 1UPcard works with these types of games and more:

1UPcard Retro Video Game Cartridge Cleaning cartridge montage N64 Atari NES Super Nintendo Sege Genesis

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