Buying a Super Nintendo on eBay October 17 2014

Which consoles did you have growing up? Who were the friends you played with? I bet you remember their room or their basement where you played, the console they had that you didn't, or the games you would lend or borrow.

I had a Sega and a NES (and I actually still own and play the original consoles from my childhood), but I went to my friend Bill's house to play Super Nintendo. We'd play Street Fighter II and take turns at Sim City among other games. I still don't know what she meant by "reticulating splines"...

Sim City 2000 SNES

Well tonight, my Sega and NES have a new friend. The SNES I bought a couple days ago on eBay just arrived. The seller did a great job of packaging the system. And the one I got hasn't been subject to the notorious yellowing that many of the SNES' have suffered from.

I'm excited to take it for a spin! Only problem is, the only game it came with was Monopoly...

I think tomorrow I'm going to go to the local trade-in shop here in town and see if he will trade me some 1UPcards for some SNES games. That way, I'll get some games, he'll get something new to sell, and local gamers will have a better way of cleaning their malfunctioning cartridge games.

Here is the seller's item listing. Delivered as promised:

eBay SNES console no yellowing